Environmental Tech

Deepak Group is a transnational business entity which is although engaged in business production activities that affects the environment. Nevertheless, our operational principal revolves around a commitment to conserve the diversity and integrity of life on earth to secure the needs of current and future generations. It is, therefore, we have imported Eco-Friendly, sophisticated & fully automated manufacturing machines from Europe, USA and Far East.

Waste batteries are a hazardous waste because of their corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity. Particularly, Lead-acid batteries are considered corrosive, as well as toxic.

To overcome environmental issues, we have setup a nationwide sales & service network that recalls used lead-acid battery for environmental friendly recycling to minimize the threat posed by muddled disposal of lead. Our marketing & advertising campaign besides print collateral educate consumers on handling, operational safety besides safe disposal of lead acid battery.

Our Service & Dealer network that collects used batteries relieve customers from the regulatory burdens of handling lead and assures them of a continuous supply of batteries made from superior quality materials. It also allows us to better manage our inventories for increased productivity at manufacturing Site. For further recycling, we have collaboration with our reputed technological partners where the finally used batteries are dismantled & reprocessed for useful components.

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