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vehicle battery applications

A do-it-yourself battery replacement is a real money-saver but you also have to have correct information on the battery type recommended by vehicle’s manufacturer. If you are unsure as to which battery is fitted on which type of vehicles make, kindly refer to the application chart given below:

International Automotive Battery

& Vehicles









Suzuki ST 20 (Mini Bus, Pick Up), Honda Life, FAF/Mehari, Bemo


12 26

Daihatzu (Mini Bus, Pick Up S 10P-Old), Fellow Max, Honda Life, FAF/ Mehari, Bemo, Mitsubishi (Mini Cab L 100)

NS 40

12 32

Mitsubishi (T 120 SS, Jet Star, Mini Bus L300B, Pick Up L300, Lancer), Suzuki (Jimny, Super Carry, Swift, Futura), Daihatsu (Hi-Jet 1000, Zebra 1000/13000, Zebra Espaass), Toyota (Kijang KF20/125, Starlet), Citroen GS 1220, Holden

NS 40 L

12 32

Toyota (Corolla DX;GL;SE;Sporty, Kijang KF 10-Old;KF 40/50 Std), Datsun Sunny Sena, Daihatsu Jeep RV 10 V (Gasoline)

NS 40 S

12 32

New Kijang Std '97

NS 40 Z

12 35

Suzuki (Vitara, Escudo, Side Kick, Esteem), Toyota (Corona Mark II), Mitsubishi (Galant 1600 GL/GLS, Galant 2000 GLX Touring), VW Combi, Holden (Camira, Gemini/PF 50 RK-Gasoline), Mazda (808, MR 90)

NS 40 ZL

12 35

Toyota (Hi Ace RH, Hi Lux-Gasoline, Corolla Twin Cam, Absolute), Mazda (323 Old, 626 New), Ford (Laser, Telstar), Daihatsu (Classy, Charade Turbo, Charmant), Suzuki Baleno


12 35

Renault (12 TL/TNR 18 New), Datsun Stanza 1600, Chevrolet Luv (Gasoline), Toyota (Corona GL 1600-New), Lancer 1600 GLX, Mazda 323, Nissan Sunny-Old, New Lancer

NS 40

12 40

Mitsubishi, Toyota, Forklift FD 52, Tractor MF, Honda Civic (Excelent, Wonder, Matic), Honda Accord (Ellegent, Prestige, Matic)

NS 50

12 50

Toyota, Land Cruiser, FJ40-Gasoline, Mitsubishi (Galant Old, Gallant II, Eterna), Dodge, Datsun (sedan P710, 160SS, Pick Up 6N6 20), Peageuot 504/505, Ford Laser 1300, Nissan Terrano, Moskvich Sedan, Laurel 2000/C31, TV Set

NS 50 L

12 50

Mazda (323, Astina, Interplay), Ford (Laser, Telstar), Peageuot 604, Alfa Romeo, TV

NS 50 Z

12 60

Mitsubishi (Colt Diesel, Pajero, Fuso, Truck, FE, FM, FN), Datsun (180 C, 280 C), Fiat, Hino (Truck EF Series), Isuzu Truck NKR-58, Nissan Patrol, Jeep CJ7-Gasoline, Landrover Jeep, Forklift, Holden Commodore, Jeep CJ7-Gasoline, Landrover Jeep, Forklift, Holden Commodore, Nissan Cefiro

NS 50 ZL

12 60

Toyota (Crown, Cressida, Kijang Grand Extra), Alfa Romeo, Alfetta,Holden, Mercedes Benz, Morris, Mazda Capella 626, Nissan Sunny, TV set

NS 60

12 45

Toyota Kijang, All NS 40 dan  NS 40 Z Users

NS 60 L

12 45

Mazda Capella 626, Nissan (Sentra, Coupe, Genesis), Isuzu Truck TXTD, TLD, Ford Telstar

NS 60 S

12 45

Honda Civic (Excellent, Genio), Honda Accord (Ellegant, Prestige, Matic, Cielo)

NS 60 LS

12 45

Mazda lantis, Ford Escort

NS 70

12 65

BMW 520, Chevrolet Trooper, Isuzu Panther, Isuzu Truck NKR-66, Hino Bus FB, New Kijang Diesel '97, And usefull for all N 50 Z users

N 70

12 70

Datsun (Diesel, Sedan), Toyota (Dyna, Forklift), Mercedes Benz (240 D/280), Opel Recod D Van, Isuzu Truck JCR, Mitsubishi, Colt Pick Up L 300-Diesel, Holden Gemini Diesel, Farm Tractor, Nissan Truck CKA, Mazda E 2000, Mazda Lantis, Ford laser

N 70 Z

12 75

Toyota (Land Cruiser Diesel BJ 40, Hi Ace Diesel LH-1, Forklift), Jeep CJ 7 Diesel, Chevrolet Trooper Diesel, Isuzu Truck NHR - 55 (PS 77), Ssangyong

N 70 ZL

12 75

Toyota land Cruisser '95

N 100

12 100

Toyota (Dyna/Rino), Daihatsu Jeep Taft Diesel, Truck V Series Delta, Tractor, Nissan Caball Truck, Hino (Truck, Bus BX, KM Series), Isuzu Truck TLD Series, Tata truck Bus, Perkins Gen Set 26 KVA-65

N 120

12 120

Toyota Truck DA, Mitsubishi Truck (Old), Daihatsu Truck DV (Old), Nissan Diesel Truck, Mazda Truk T3000/T7000, Isuzu Truck TXD/TLD, Ford Truck DO Series, Forklift, Nissan Logging Truck, Leyland Bus FF1100, Tractors (Komatzu, Mitsubishi, etc), Berliet JP9/FMB, Volvo Truck N10, Perkins Gen Set 95 KVA-350, Hino Bus

N 150

12 150

Truck Diesel, Generator, Tractor (Komatzu, etc), Mercedes 911/914, Bedford Truck

N 200

12 200

Volvo Bus 0610/D Deck, Leyland Atlanta D Deck Bus, Tractor (Komatzu, etc), Mercedes 113/0306, Generator

555-30 12 55

BMW 318, Renault R 210, Opel Cadet 1300 cc, Fiat 1300 cc, Peageot P 605, Citroen CX, Laser Gala Sonic, Daewoo Espero, Opel Optima

566-17 12 65

BMW (520i / 318i - New), Mercedes (MB 200 sedan, 280, GE - Jeep)

580-24 12 80

Volvo 740, Mercedes Benz (200/230/280)


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